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Truth vs. Personal Vendetta: Is It One or Both?

* Heartland Cafe Violates Liquor Law

On August 20th, a City of Chicago inspector visited the Heartland Cafe at 7000 North Glenwood after receiving a citizen complaint. On that day, the Heartland Cafe was cited for a liquor license violation. The Michael James/Katy Hogan owned establishment did not have a license that include their patio area. Yet they were serving liquor on the patio anyhow. . . . . More

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

I rarely comment on the comments people make on the posts because they are often so far out that it is scary. This post about the Heartland is amazing. But as is so often the case, the comments are rediculous. The basic assumptions are 1.) those that except everything written as true, 2.) those who may be willing to entertain it could be false, but it is still okay because Mr. Hole is holding the line on a local business, and 3.) those who want some facts to document it is true which ranges from people who don't believe it to people who are cautious about believing it.

One thing that I will say is that the city doesn't have jurisdiction to investigate labor complaints so that part already sounds like it has problems. The problem with the patio may or may not be true, but given that Mr. Bench and Mr. Hole have problems with the owners of the Heartland you would be wise to take anything they say about the Heartland with a healthy degree of skepticism. I don't think it is impossible that the Heartland could be wrong about something. I think there is plenty of evidence that Bench and Hole don't have any respect for the truth. Without any actual evidence this type of posting is grossly irresponsible and could make both of the subject to being sued if it isn't true.

The claims of political corruption are also baseless. Their isn't a single shred of evidence presented and if there were the slightest bit of evidence that some political influence was determining the outcome I think it is perfectly clear that the political and legal environment we live in today would respond immediately.

Finally, the Helen Schiller connection to all of this is intended to mean what? Who knows.

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