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Is Rogers Park Too Small for Two Events on the Same Day?

Shameless: Fagus and Moore

While the Glenwood Arts Festival was in full swing, an event to promote the local business community, some locally important Democrats were shamelessly engaged in self-promotion just a few blocks away. Hundreds of folks who might otherwise have been mingling with more productive members of the community were instead lined up for free food and handouts from the Moore and Fagus mini-machine. . . . More

Posted by Tom Mannis

The most important school day of the year is the first day of school. The Board of Education, Mayor Daley and many other groups across the city do their very best to make sure that parents send their kids to school on the first day. Why is that day so important? The first day attendance is the basis for the schools funding for the entire year. If you care about better public schools then you should be concerned about this first day and you should be supportive of every effort to get the kids to school on the first day.

Mr. Bench seems to have a great big problem with a 4 hour picnic and a 2 day, 16 hour street fair being held for 4 overlapping hours. He complains that Fagus and Moore have no concern for the business community because they didn't change the event to some other day. It was the Glenwood Art Fest that moved its date to August last year from September if I remember right, but that isn't important because even Mr. Bench says it doesn't matter after ripping Fagus for it.

As he so crudely puts it in the end of his post, the picnic serves the "LINK card crowd" and the Glenwood Art Fest serves the "yuppies". While that summary is unkind to the people at either fest, it provides his own words to contradict his own premises.

His terminology is insulting and ignorant, but it does touch on the fact that the events have different crowds as their targets. The Back to School Picnic is obviously a child driven event that has activities focused on kids. The Glenwood Art Festival may have some child oriented activity, but it is not a kids event and it isn't trying to be one.

Is there a point to this story other than to rip politicians Mr. Bench doesn't like? I don't see it if there is.

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