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Glenwood Fest is a Growing Neighborhood Success Story

* Glenwood Art Fair Notes - Day One

From my stat number count and guesstimating the crowds at the Glenwood Art Fair today, I'd say Mr. 'Broken Heart' outdrew the fest in numbers 2 to 1. Who knew the Morse Hell Hole was more popular than a street fair. Thanks readers. I'd also like to thank the band who dedicated a song to Mr. 'Broken Heart' today. Thanks for that too. Seeing Kevin O'Neil dance to that song made my day. . . . . More

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

Thousands Attend GAAF

If you missed the Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest today, you... didn't miss out, because it's happening tomorrow as well, and the weather is projected to be even better than today. What happened today was that the streets were filled with thousands of people of every description the world has to offer (that famous diversity most of us are proud of), all of whom were shopping at the little stalls and in the shops, listening to music, eating and drinking. There are three stages with live music all afternoon. If you didn't like it, you don't like street festivals. . . . . More & Picture

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Two very different reports of what happened today unless you believe that Mr. Hole has 4,000 or more unique readers per day. I don't. From my own observations I would call the Fest another well done event that is growing each year and becoming more and more a real draw to the community. I am happy to see the re-configuration and the use of Morse as part of the Fest. It makes the Fest flow better and the wide open space of Morse helps to make it a little more open and inviting. Go G.A.A.F.! Thank you to those who have worked so hard to build this event into the big success that it is.

P.S. By all accounts people felt the song about Mr. Hole was funny but not complimentary. Sorry Hole.

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