September 04, 2007

A Trip to the Other Side of Town

Field Trip

Today we drove south to Promontory Point. It's past the loop in that far away land known as the "south side." Great news, the skyline is just as beautiful from the south as it is from the north. I can see why the community there wants to keep Promontory Point the way it is. In a way it reminds me of Rogers Park with the diversity and all the regular folks I saw strolling with children or jogging. I did see more joggers than around here though. . . . . More

Posted by Jocelyn

Hyde Park and South Shore are wonderful communities. Many people feel that South Shore is very similar to Rogers Park and if you were to drive around and look at the architecture of the community you would see many of the same courtyard buildings and other similas such buildings. Hyde Park is a gem. A quick ride in the right places and you will see the incredable homes/mansions that remind you of Hyde Parks place in Chicago's wealthy society.

As for Bibs and Ribs, as someone who has been going there for years I have to agree that it is good. The downside has always been that it is really slow. I sure would like to see Rogers Park get a genuine south side style or branch of an existing place. Great BBQ is hard to find on the northside.

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September 03, 2007

Bench Answers the Question from His Perspective


Kudos to Craig at Broken Heart for digging into this story. When RPB first hinted at this story last week, it set off a small firestorm of whispers and gossip. The rumors are true. The accusations are true. The Heartland Cafe, a vile institution with a door open to vermin and rats, whose sister bar the Red Line Tap maintained a broken window for six months, whose partner
Michael James rents five garage spaces to unlicensed food vendors, is in serious breach of the conditions of it liquor license.

Oh, but folks, this is just the beginning. Wait until you what's next. Scandal, scandal, scandal. Just wait. . . . More

Posted by Tom Mannis

If there were any doubt that Mr. Bench has no objectivity on the Heartland Cafe this should be enough to erase that idea.

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Truth vs. Personal Vendetta: Is It One or Both?

* Heartland Cafe Violates Liquor Law

On August 20th, a City of Chicago inspector visited the Heartland Cafe at 7000 North Glenwood after receiving a citizen complaint. On that day, the Heartland Cafe was cited for a liquor license violation. The Michael James/Katy Hogan owned establishment did not have a license that include their patio area. Yet they were serving liquor on the patio anyhow. . . . . More

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

I rarely comment on the comments people make on the posts because they are often so far out that it is scary. This post about the Heartland is amazing. But as is so often the case, the comments are rediculous. The basic assumptions are 1.) those that except everything written as true, 2.) those who may be willing to entertain it could be false, but it is still okay because Mr. Hole is holding the line on a local business, and 3.) those who want some facts to document it is true which ranges from people who don't believe it to people who are cautious about believing it.

One thing that I will say is that the city doesn't have jurisdiction to investigate labor complaints so that part already sounds like it has problems. The problem with the patio may or may not be true, but given that Mr. Bench and Mr. Hole have problems with the owners of the Heartland you would be wise to take anything they say about the Heartland with a healthy degree of skepticism. I don't think it is impossible that the Heartland could be wrong about something. I think there is plenty of evidence that Bench and Hole don't have any respect for the truth. Without any actual evidence this type of posting is grossly irresponsible and could make both of the subject to being sued if it isn't true.

The claims of political corruption are also baseless. Their isn't a single shred of evidence presented and if there were the slightest bit of evidence that some political influence was determining the outcome I think it is perfectly clear that the political and legal environment we live in today would respond immediately.

Finally, the Helen Schiller connection to all of this is intended to mean what? Who knows.

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September 02, 2007

CTA Needs a Permanent Fix

Sunday, September 02, 2007
Huberman Speaketh
More doom and gloom from Huber-the-man.

Save your money on a Chicago Card. That is if you have any extra money laying around. If you can afford a Chicago Card, save the change for yourself.

When living elsewhere in Chicago, I’d take the spare change that had accumulated in the change jar, pockets, and purse and fill my CTA card on Sunday morning. It was almost like being in Vegas. Please don’t do this at rush hour – there are enough people doing that already. . . . . More

Posted by Toni

The crisis at the CTA, PACE and Metra is very real and very important. The problem these agencies face is that every time they go to those who fund them asking for more money they never get a real solution. What they actually get is a new band-aid. Covering things over for one more year compounds the problems that will come down the road. A real funding solution is needed and one of our local officials, Rep. Julie Hamos, seems to have worked out the best plan. Raising local taxes to find permanent fund should help to stabilize the RTA rather than patch it up until next year.

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Suffredin for States Attorney

September 2, 2007

* Suffredin Seeks New Office

Breaking Political News from the 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park:

Although nothing is listed on his website, 13th district Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin has decided to run for Cook County States Attorney now that Dick Devine has announced his retirement.

Joining on as Suffredin's powerhouse team are - Abner Mikva, Thomas Moore, Debra Shore and Anthony Young.

Although he claims to be a independent, Suffredin has been growing political tentacles to the corrupt Stroger/Fagus Machine. . . . . More

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

Just a few thoughts about this post. I think Suffredin has done a good job of keeping the website referred to as a government website about county government. It doesn't go into strictly political issues. Secondly, it is widely accepted by everyone accept a few in the 49th Ward that Moore and Fagus are political independents and have a long track record to support that. There are many political people who would quickly agree. The constant use of the idea that corruption is wide spread is unfounded and unfair. Corruption clear is intended to imply illegal activity. What exactly is it? If someone doesn't agree with you they are not criminals or corrupt.

In general, Suffredin has done a good job as a Cook County Commissioner and is well respected for his knowledge and leadership on the County Board. He has made good decisions and has refused to fall into the cycle of us v. them politics. I hope he takes a chance and runs.

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August 30, 2007

Attempted Bank Robbery In Rogers Park

* Bank Robber on the Loose (Updated)

As of 2:00 PM, the main branch of the First Commercial Bank in Rogers Park is secure - but the bank robber is still on the loose. The little weasel slipped through the fingers of the FBI, the Chicago Police and Joe Moore. . . . More

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

Hostage Situation in Rogers Park Bank

A group of hostages got out of a Far North Side bank where an armed robber was barricaded early today, and authorities were trying to determine whether more employees or customers were still inside. . . . More

Posted by Toni

Moore's Leadership Foils Bank Robbery

An attempted robbery of the First Commercial Bank was foiled today, when Joe Moore's leadership created a context in which the robber left all employees and customers unharmed, and the assets of the bank safe and secure. . . . . More

Posted by Thomas Westgard

Obviously the big news today on all of the various media outlets in Chicago is the attempted bank robbery. The best thing about it is that while many were frightened, nobody was injured. Lets hope that justice is served and the robber is captured before he robs again.

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August 28, 2007

Crime Is Everyones Problem

More Street Cleaning

Now the folks over at that unbiased pro Joe blog aren't going to take note of this but NOH neighbors will. After all, some have been living with the NOH horrors for years now. Who knows the hood better then those who live in it!

Yesterday was a busy day again for dealers? and the police. I wasn't home to witness the events but others were. . . . . Post

Posted by Toni

Apparently there is a misconception on the part of some that if you support Joe Moore you support crime. That sounds like rather simplistic and non-nonsensical, the kind of campaign propaganda that flew heavily only a few months ago. I believe that other than those who directly benefit from the crime, no one else in the neighborhood thinks that crime is a good thing, should be supported or should be ignored as unimportant. I think that perhaps some of the Moore people are more sensitive to civil rights than some other might be, but everyone wants to see crime reduced. Crime is destructive, in different ways, to everyone involved.

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Listening is a Skill

* Joe Moore Lies About TIF Project and Funds

Last night Joe Moore made a big deal about no section 8 vouchers were being issued on the 6610 N. Sheridan $2 million dollar TIF hand-out. I recorded his lie on video.

Later in the meeting a neighbor asked the developer if section 8 vouchers would be accepted. He said Yes. So that means, this property will be locked into a 30 year section 8 agreement. This property is basically going to be transformed into another Broadmoor. . . . . More and Video

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

If you listened closely, you should have noticed the difference, but if not, there was a clear distinction drawn between a "Section 8 Project" and a "Section 8 Voucher". The Northpoint Buildings are Section 8 Projects. The rental payment stays with the building when a tenant moves and the new tenant moving in receives the benefit. This type of project based voucher cannot be started today as I understand it. A Section 8 Voucher which is what Mr. Hole refers to belongs to the tenant and that voucher moves with the tenant wherever the tenant moves to provided they follow the rules.

Moore went on further to explain that landlords in Cook County must accept a tenant with a Section 8 Voucher, provided that the voucher holder meets the same screening requirements that anyone else would have to meet. It is an ordinance that protects the tenant with the voucher from discrimination for financial reasons. Again though, it does not protect them from any other standards that are legal and applied equally to all applicants.

Moore didn't lie. Mr. Hole didn't listen, and by the way, the building is under the same requirements now regarding Section 8 Voucher holders. They have to take them today too.

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August 27, 2007

Lerner Building Disappears! Celebration Rings Out!

At Long Last!
Howard/Ashland – Lerner Property


At long last, demolition has begun.

Who couldn't be happy that this has happened? I hope Ms. Neighbor didn't miss the good parts.

The First 50 Are In!

In the blog world 50 posts can happen in not much more than a few days, but this blog has reached that milestone with this 50th post after a about a month.

The blog was started because it was a mentioned again and again that Rogers Park needs more sane discussion of issues and less blaming and flaming on the Internet.

The effort required to write fifty posts is greater than expected and the attention required is demanding. It is hard to determine if the goal of creating a place for sane discussion has happened yet, but there does seem to be some hope that it is possible. It is too early to tell yet. I hope those of you who have found Rogers Park Talks are finding it enjoyable.