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Bench Answers the Question from His Perspective


Kudos to Craig at Broken Heart for digging into this story. When RPB first hinted at this story last week, it set off a small firestorm of whispers and gossip. The rumors are true. The accusations are true. The Heartland Cafe, a vile institution with a door open to vermin and rats, whose sister bar the Red Line Tap maintained a broken window for six months, whose partner
Michael James rents five garage spaces to unlicensed food vendors, is in serious breach of the conditions of it liquor license.

Oh, but folks, this is just the beginning. Wait until you what's next. Scandal, scandal, scandal. Just wait. . . . More

Posted by Tom Mannis

If there were any doubt that Mr. Bench has no objectivity on the Heartland Cafe this should be enough to erase that idea.

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The thing is, the Heartland Cafe has no objectivity when it comes to certain things- i.e. politics. All the anti-Bush propaganda doesn't bother me persay, but one day something Tom Mannis said made me think about what it would feel like to be a conservative and walk into that store. Not very welcome.

I am no fan of Bush, but more and more I see how terribly flawed and imperfect our political system is and subsequently it's politicians.

Everyone seems to be for sale. True there are degrees, but I can understand how someone on "the other side" could see hypocrisy.

I am glad of Tom Mannis blog for this one reason alone not excepting that he is very witty and funny. He made me think about things from the other side a bit more- a valuable lesson for us all.

We all have our biases, some of us just wear them on our sleeve. What do you say to that RPTalks?

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