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Suffredin for States Attorney

September 2, 2007

* Suffredin Seeks New Office

Breaking Political News from the 'Broken Heart' of Rogers Park:

Although nothing is listed on his website, 13th district Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin has decided to run for Cook County States Attorney now that Dick Devine has announced his retirement.

Joining on as Suffredin's powerhouse team are - Abner Mikva, Thomas Moore, Debra Shore and Anthony Young.

Although he claims to be a independent, Suffredin has been growing political tentacles to the corrupt Stroger/Fagus Machine. . . . . More

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

Just a few thoughts about this post. I think Suffredin has done a good job of keeping the website referred to as a government website about county government. It doesn't go into strictly political issues. Secondly, it is widely accepted by everyone accept a few in the 49th Ward that Moore and Fagus are political independents and have a long track record to support that. There are many political people who would quickly agree. The constant use of the idea that corruption is wide spread is unfounded and unfair. Corruption clear is intended to imply illegal activity. What exactly is it? If someone doesn't agree with you they are not criminals or corrupt.

In general, Suffredin has done a good job as a Cook County Commissioner and is well respected for his knowledge and leadership on the County Board. He has made good decisions and has refused to fall into the cycle of us v. them politics. I hope he takes a chance and runs.

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Better yet, why is it assumed if political contributions are made that there is some kind of quid pro quo going on? How many times can a person make such charges without being held accountable for such charges?

I have nothing against Larry Suffredin, but Toto -what planet are you from? Oh, that's right you're from Oz that perfect world that doesn't exist. haha.

You are aware of how corrupt Illinois politics have been right? The county system? How about the history of corruption in the city council? Contributions from developers are business as usual. It doesn't mean that political contributions are always improper, but it's a MACHINE- you are familiar with that concept right?

Craig's points in this regard are hardly bizarre. I only wish they were. Check out the Chicago Reader's Clout City blog and see what they are saying. Craig's blog is tame compared to that.

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