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Lerner Building Disappears! Celebration Rings Out!

At Long Last!
Howard/Ashland – Lerner Property


At long last, demolition has begun.

Who couldn't be happy that this has happened? I hope Ms. Neighbor didn't miss the good parts.

I can't recall what is going in there. I am very Morse Ave. focused and don't get over to Howard too often.

I thought of something kind of funny. I notice that your blog started when "natas" dropped out(Thank God). I was wondering if maybe you were natas and you started taking your medication again so now you are sane.

I missed the comments/blog of natas. From what is said I didn't miss much. No "natas" and no medications involved here.

No offense intended- I was kind of trying to be funny. You are the antithesis of natas, whom I hope is gone for good.

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