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Big Trucks and BIg Projects

New Stop Lights going in at Clark & Greenleaf

Some folks were wondering why the city had decided to place No Parking signs on all the meters on Greenleaf at Clark. Nothing was going on so why the parking nightmare?

Two days later after a call to Joe Moore's office, the excessive signage was removed. I have to say that as one who campaigned for Don Gordon, I appreciate the Alderman's office not holding that against me and blacklisting me from getting any help. . . . . More & Photo

posted by Jocelyn

In two posts today Ms.Neighbor has touched on something that she correctly sees in most of us, the fascination with things that are big, make loud noises, and make neighborhoods change. Infrastructure and construction are things that always get attention. Optimistic people love change, they see improvement in whatever is next. Pessimistic people fear change and are concerned about how it will make things worse somehow. I am one of those who welcomes change.

The corner at Greenleaf and Clark has been a problem for a long time. If they are installing lights it will make Clark St. more user friendly and will stop some of the many accidents that seem to happen at that corner. It can be very difficult to drive or walk across Clark at either Greenleaf or Estes. This will help. Good job in picking this location.

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