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Attempted Bank Robbery In Rogers Park

* Bank Robber on the Loose (Updated)

As of 2:00 PM, the main branch of the First Commercial Bank in Rogers Park is secure - but the bank robber is still on the loose. The little weasel slipped through the fingers of the FBI, the Chicago Police and Joe Moore. . . . More

Posted by Craig Gernhardt

Hostage Situation in Rogers Park Bank

A group of hostages got out of a Far North Side bank where an armed robber was barricaded early today, and authorities were trying to determine whether more employees or customers were still inside. . . . More

Posted by Toni

Moore's Leadership Foils Bank Robbery

An attempted robbery of the First Commercial Bank was foiled today, when Joe Moore's leadership created a context in which the robber left all employees and customers unharmed, and the assets of the bank safe and secure. . . . . More

Posted by Thomas Westgard

Obviously the big news today on all of the various media outlets in Chicago is the attempted bank robbery. The best thing about it is that while many were frightened, nobody was injured. Lets hope that justice is served and the robber is captured before he robs again.

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