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CTA Needs a Permanent Fix

Sunday, September 02, 2007
Huberman Speaketh
More doom and gloom from Huber-the-man.

Save your money on a Chicago Card. That is if you have any extra money laying around. If you can afford a Chicago Card, save the change for yourself.

When living elsewhere in Chicago, I’d take the spare change that had accumulated in the change jar, pockets, and purse and fill my CTA card on Sunday morning. It was almost like being in Vegas. Please don’t do this at rush hour – there are enough people doing that already. . . . . More

Posted by Toni

The crisis at the CTA, PACE and Metra is very real and very important. The problem these agencies face is that every time they go to those who fund them asking for more money they never get a real solution. What they actually get is a new band-aid. Covering things over for one more year compounds the problems that will come down the road. A real funding solution is needed and one of our local officials, Rep. Julie Hamos, seems to have worked out the best plan. Raising local taxes to find permanent fund should help to stabilize the RTA rather than patch it up until next year.

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