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A Trip to the Other Side of Town

Field Trip

Today we drove south to Promontory Point. It's past the loop in that far away land known as the "south side." Great news, the skyline is just as beautiful from the south as it is from the north. I can see why the community there wants to keep Promontory Point the way it is. In a way it reminds me of Rogers Park with the diversity and all the regular folks I saw strolling with children or jogging. I did see more joggers than around here though. . . . . More

Posted by Jocelyn

Hyde Park and South Shore are wonderful communities. Many people feel that South Shore is very similar to Rogers Park and if you were to drive around and look at the architecture of the community you would see many of the same courtyard buildings and other similas such buildings. Hyde Park is a gem. A quick ride in the right places and you will see the incredable homes/mansions that remind you of Hyde Parks place in Chicago's wealthy society.

As for Bibs and Ribs, as someone who has been going there for years I have to agree that it is good. The downside has always been that it is really slow. I sure would like to see Rogers Park get a genuine south side style or branch of an existing place. Great BBQ is hard to find on the northside.

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Does this mean you liked that post?

Yes, I wish we had a Ribs & Bibs here too. That would be a destination and a real crowd pleaser. I think people in the know order ahead there.

Yes, I did. You are right about ordering ahead too.

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